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In AEGEE we have many different communication channels with different purposes. We know it can be confusing, so here’s an overview:


Mailing lists

AEGEE-Europe has several different mailing lists, only open for members. These are:

  • ANNOUNCE-L: Important announcements for all AEGEE members are made through this list. It’s probably one of the most important ones to join.
  • AEGEE-EVENT-L: Here you can get news for events all over Europe. If you don’t want to miss any events, you should join this list!
  • AEGEENEWS-L: Through this list you will receive the AEGEE-Europe newsletter, with an overview of what’s been happening in the AEGEE world.
  • AEGEE-L: This is a general list where different sort of discussions are held. Sometimes discussions will take place in this list. In those cases you will receive a lot of emails, but it can still be interesting, specially short before the Agorae, when important topics may come up and everyone will want to give their input.

You can get more information about how to join them here:


Facebook is a really important tool for AEGEEans. Specially when it comes to staying in touch with all of the friends that we make around Europe, and as an effective way of communicating with each other. The AEGEE facebook group is also a great place for discussions and a way of receiving news and participating in discussions. You can join the members group here:

There’s also a group for the members of our region (the Nedertop region), where announcements and events relevant to everyone in the Netherlands and England are published. You can join it here:


Mailing lists

In Eindhoven there’s a lot going on, and as a member you don’t want to miss on that! You can join our Google groups, which works as a mailing list and a forum. All of our activities as well as some announcements are sent through it. To join you can follow the next link:!forum/aegee-eindhoven-m


All of our events are posted on our Facebook page:

We also have our own members group. If you join this group, you’ll receive announcements and be able to communicate with all other members:


We even have a WhatsApp group! In this group some last minute announcements are made. There are a lot of jokes and pictures being sent by everyone here, which some people might consider spam, but there’s always a nice atmosphere in this chat!