Local activities and exchanges

AEGEE-Eindhoven organizes several activities for our members.

  • Every week we have local dinners, often in a specific theme like Spanish food or Christmas.  Usually these dinners are followed by activities like Beer Pong, Movie night or drinks in our bar.
  • Every now and then we organize more extended activities like bowling, going out for carnaval, king’s day and other occasions.
  • Several times a year we organize an Exchange with other antennae from the AEGEE-Network in Europe. Examples of these are cities like Prague, Minsk, Alicante and Debrecen.
  • Every Summer we organize a Summer University, usually together with one or more of the other AEGEE Antennae surrounding our area. During this Summer University, a group of about 25 students and young professionals from all over Europe will come to Eindhoven for a program including guided tours in Eindhoven and other cities in the Netherlands; visits to museums, social activities, sport activities, several workshops and a European Night: A night of cultural exchange and national cuisines of participants – in general a multilateral sharing of trans-border experiences.